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Athletic Mentors

Welcome Hounds!

Athletic Mentors are leaders in performance programming and a valued partner with the West Michigan Hounds. We are a coaching and training company focused on helping athletes and health-conscious people reach their fitness goals. We specialize in training amateur athletes to reach the elite level as well as training professional athletes to discover their greatest potential.

For non-athletes we offer personal training and coaching to develop healthy habits and lifestyle. Additionally, we provide training camps and clinics teaching sport specific skills from beginner to advanced. Use the links above for more information on sport specific service offerings.

Athletic Mentors holds the CSCS certification that is awarded by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (www.nsca.com). Our coaches are highly qualified and have competed in sports at the Elite and Professional levels.

In-Season Program

Due to many requests, Athletic Mentor’s Summer training/mentoring program will continue thru the coming season.  It will take on a slightly different form but the essence of the program will remain the same.  That is, a holistic approach to bringing athletes closer to reaching their true potential.

The following is a brief outline of what is to be expected thru out the coming season.  As with the summer program, the In-Season program is designed to be flexible to meet the demanding schedules we all face.

A face to face meeting with all involved is required for participation in this program.  That includes the athlete and the support team (parents).

What’s to be expected?

  • Ongoing testing and improvement evaluation
  • 5-8 Face to Face training sessions per month based on schedules at Athlete Mentors
  • Ongoing nutritional education, analysis and planning
  • Detailed weekly training plan, fully integrated with your school and sport schedule
  • Sports psychology skills development
  • Game performance analysis
  • Parent consulting
  • Motivation and exposure field trips (additional costs)
  • Possible on ice sessions (additional costs)
  • Possible study hall (including tutoring in math, science and computer subject)
  • Mentorship

This program will run September thru April

Cost:   Hounds get a discounted rate.  Please contact Mark Olson (269.664.6912) for details.

Off Ice Shooting & Skills Development Area

Athletic Mentors has added a NEW shooting and skills development area at its facility in Richland. This area will have four shooting lanes for shot development and over 5,000 square feet of  area for performing stick handling drills.

Shooting Development

The shooting area will be cutting edge. We have acquired weighted pucks for our shooting area. These pucks were custom made to our specifications of various weights; up to 2lbs! By incorporating our hockey specific strength training with the weighted puck shooting area, we will take your shot to a whole new level!

Stick Handling Area

The stick handling area will have numerous tools to help players develop quick, soft hands including Swedish wooden stick handling balls. A variety of specific drills will be done before and after every training session for those who are part of our Summer Hockey Camps.

Cost: Hounds get a discounted rate.  Please contact Mark Olson (269.664.6912) for details.

Athletic Mentors
9970 Enzian Road • Delton, MI 49046
Phone: 269.664.6912 • Fax: 269.216.4071

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